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Cantina Ronfini Leonardo

The Ronfini agricultural company is located in Col San Martino, in the heart of the historic “Valdobbiadene Superior Prosecco DOCG” region which stretches across the hills between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene.

The owner, Leonardo, inherited his passion for wine from his parents, as well as from his grandfathers, Giuseppe and Vittore. From the very beginning Leonardo firmly believed in aiming for quality, forsaking quantity. In fact, during each vital growth cycle of his plants, they are never exploited but rather nurtured and aided in their development and growth through the use of organic compost, resulting in a base product for wines which is rich in sugary content and which has the intense aromas typical of our hills, with respect to the environment.

It is with this respect for the environment that today the wine cellar is completely subterranean allowing us to maintain a constant natural temperature, the ideal atmosphere in which to correctly preserve our product. The remainder of our company is immersed amongst the vineyards on the hills and since 2011 has been completely self powering through the installation and use of solar panel energy.

Almost all of the work carried out in the vineyards is done by hand, while in the cellar the most avantguarde of modern technological equipment is employed to produce a wine which reflects the typical qualities of the territory.

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