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The Territory

Col San Martino is part of the municipality of Farra di Soligo, situated between Venice and the Venetian Dolomites, on the hills of the March of Treviso, a territory well known for its natural beauty, and with a succession of hills completely cultivated by vineyards. The area is also rich in historic and artistic interests such as ancient castles and sacred buildings all surrounded by vines.

These hills, shaped by the glaciers of far gone eras and by the river Piave with its various tributaries, characterised by their steep slopes, force the wine grower to work his vineyards almost entirely by hand, using mechanical innovation in only small portions. For this reason, together with a passion for the land, its fruits and tradition, from these vineyards is born a Valdobbiadene Superior Prosecco DOCG, which reflects these unique geographic qualities.

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